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A Visual Innovation manual based on Dialoogle

Innovative teaching and learning is seeing and developing opportunities in an educational context


Picture cards access all knowledge stored in the brain

New solutions to known problems occur when tracks of thought cross in new combinations


Visual innovation can mobilise students irrespective of subjects and grade levels

As an extra add-on, it is great fun

Visual Innovation in School

Visual Innovation in School

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Innovative teaching is gaining ground in the world of education with the clever purpose to prepare children for an unpredictable and ever-changing world, in which the ability to take on challenges, develop useful ideas and solutions, and create valuable results is crucial.

With the curiosity, creative urge and desire of -children to break with conventional thinking as the starting point, creative teachers work with ideation and entrepreneurship both inside and outside schools. Innovative teaching and learning create valuable results by inviting the outside world into the classroom. By working with real-life challenges, students develop their innovative skills.

Creative Layer

Innovative teaching and learning is seeing and developing opportunities in an educational context. It requires good ideas from both teachers and students. The framework for innovative teaching and learning is a comfortable physical and mental environment that stimulates students to develop innovative skills and good ideas. 

Everyone can be creative although they may think they are not by nature. In a visual innovation process, students will learn how to initiate and combine tracks of thought, and this is how creativity is generated. As the techniques are trained, students will learn to think divergently – and to come up with ideas faster.


Innovation layer

This Visual Innovation manual makes use of Dialoogle – a picture tool designed to kick-start and enhance the subtleties of communication, create associations in the brain, inspire innovative thinking, and facilitate the formulation of feelings, perceptions and ideas.

According to brain research, new ideas and solutions to known problems occur when tracks of thought cross in new combinations. With Dialoogle picture cards, you can inspire new tracks of thought in the brains of your students. With your questions, you can motivate them to combine their tracks of thought in new ways. 

Creative layer

You can dialoogle with your students irrespective of subjects and grade levels. The picture cards open up for free associations, break down conventional barriers of thinking and vocabulary, and access the entirety of knowledge stored in the brain. Once this knowledge is unleashed in an innovative process, there are no limits to the innovative results that your teaching may produce. As an extra add-on, it is great fun.    

The writers

This Visual Innovation concept has been designed by Jesper Larsen and Michael Koefoed. Jesper Larsen is a qualified primary and secondary school teacher specialised in innovative teaching and learning. In 2008, he was awarded the Pioneer Prize by the Danish Ministry of Education for his innovative way of extending his teaching to the world outside the classroom and motivating his students to develop and implement value-creating ideas. In 2013, Jesper Larsen was appointed Headmaster of “Skorpeskolen”, the first private school in Denmark to systematically practise innovative teaching. 

Dialoogle is a powerful picture tool, created and produced by Michael Koefoed, who is continuously developing new concepts for stimulating innovative thinking and dialogue with pictures. It is his vision to teach people from all cultures, levels of society, and lines of business to communicate and understand each other better, and make the world a better place.  


PilThe Sheets that you need for the exercises can be downloaded free of charge

 Idea Sheet (A3 size)  Competence Sheet (A3 size)

Compass Sheet (A4 size)  Target Audiens Sheet (A4 size)  Network Sheet (A4 size)


Visual Innovation School Pack

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