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Hooks for a picture wall

Hooks for a picture wall

Slide picture cards together and create a visual wall.


A set of white hooks to create a wall with 6 columns each with 10 picture cards. Make holes in the top and bottom on the Magnum card with your hole puncher.
See how in the pictures to the left.

Frequently asked questions


How do I create a login?
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Which Edition should I choose?
Each Edition can be used for many different purposes. The Editions are compiled in the same way - the only difference between them is the selection of images, so choose the Editions you like the most. However, you cannot expect the images to speak to others in the exact same way they speak to you. Dialoogle’s mission is not to deliver specific visual answers, but rather to stimulate the brain in order to find an answer.

Using the images creatively and metaphorically promotes reflection and using your imagination and also yields more nuanced and carefully measured answers. If you are planning a discussion about wellbeing, you will not find images of faces displaying different emotions in one single Edition. You will, however, find numerous images in each Edition which can be used to describe specific emotions cry precisely. Should you wish for the images to facilitate specific answers, you must select images specifically from more than one Edition.


What is the difference between the Pocket and Magnum sets?
Dialoogle cards come in two different formats - Pocket and Magnum. The Pocket cards measure 9x9 cm and the Magnum cards measure 19x19 cm. All Editions are available in both the Pocket and Magnum format.


How are the Editions different?
All Editions have a number that indicates the series of images used in the specific Edition. All image series are unique and no images are used in more than one Edition. All image series have been compiled for all purpose use.


Are the image series thematised?
No. It is up to you to choose the theme and all Editions can be used for all purposes. Dialoogle’s mission is not to deliver specific visual answers, but rather to stimulate the brain in order to find an answer. Using the images creatively and metaphorically promotes reflection and using your imagination and yields more nuanced and carefully measured answers. 


Can I pay by invoice?
Unfortunately the Dialoogle web shop do not accept payment by invoice.


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If you have received an email confirming your order number we have received your order. If you have not received an email, try checking your junk mail before contacting us using the contact form.




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We strive to deliver your items within seven days. Within Europe the delivery time is approximately 2-4 days, and deliveries to the United States and most asian countries will arrive in approximately 4-5 days. For deliveries to the rest of the world, longer delivery time can be expected. You are always welcome to contact us by email and enquire about the estimated delivery time to your location.


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Yes you can. You will receive an email with a tracking link once your order has been dispatched.




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Yes, you can return items up to 14 days after receiving your order.


How do I make a complaint about an item?
Document your complaint and send the information along with your invoice number or order number to

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