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Become a partner of Dialoogle`s products. We want to extend the use of Dialoogle to all parts of the world. You can help us with this, and we can strengthen your business. Dialoogle is constantly growing and we are therefore always looking for new partners.Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner of our products


Partners in UK and US

Trainers Warehouse

Office Oxygen

RSVP Design Ltd.
Tel. +44 (0)141 561 0387
US Sales: Tel. +1 888 702 0023


Partner in Czech Republic

Dana Kodešová
Tel. +42 0777953489


Partners in Denmark

Rambøll Management Consulting
Tel. 86 18 17 22

Tel. 46 91 89 98

FISH! Filosofien i Danmark
Tel. 28 55 95 79

Tel. 26 78 28 45

Tel. 25 30 48 49


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