We are getting this question from time to time. Unfortunately there is no clear answer. An exercise may work well for some but not for others. Once you have learned how the picture cards are being used doesn’t mean you are comfortable at using them in all situations. It takes practise - and in the beginning it perhaps means that you are only confident enough to use them in some situations and that is okay.

Most users of the Dialoogle picture cards quickly master the simple exercise where you ask people to find a picture of something and then tell about it. It’s easy and straightforward. The user can carry out the exercise whit a steady hand and voice and easily feel if the participates and enjoying the use of the picture cards.

If you want to get better at using the cards you have to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Simply use the cards in new ways! It could be for valuing, innovation or prioritize. You may not feel quite as safe as before, but you will get there and become better at identifying new situations where the picture cads can be used and create value in a given situation. Maybe some of the monthly motivation exercises can be used as inspiration.

And should it happen that your gut feeling was wrong and participates do not play, then it is simply to say: OK – the picture cards do not work here. Put them away and try something else.



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