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Your questions guide the process

Let us inspire you

Good Questions

  • What will you remember fondly when you are older?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • What aspects of your current job would you not be without?
  • How would you describe your dream job?
  • If you were to give a speech, who would you like to give it to?
  • Taking your experience into account, what advise would you give a younger colleague?
  • What would you like to be remembered for?
  • What would you like to be recognized for?
  • What would you like to do more of in the future?
  • Who would you like to give recognition?
  • What kind of culture would you like to co-create?

Questions Relating to Self-Assessment

  • In which situations do you often lose your sense of time?
  • In which situations do you have reason for having high expectations of yourself?
  • In which situations do you often encounter good dialogues?
  • What do you consider one of your greatest unexplored potentials?
  • Which types of assignments have you always found easy?
  • How do you inspire others around you?
  • When have you succeeded in collaboration with others?
  • In which situations do you feel particularly competent?
  • In which situations do you consider yourself a good colleague?
  • In which situations do you consider yourself a good friend?
  • Which description of yourself from another person have pleased you the most?
  • What is your recipe for work satisfaction?
  • Who do you like using as a sounding board?
  • What always makes you happy?
  • How are you best inspired?
  • What is a sure sign of you being motivated?
  • When do you feel that your efforts makes a difference to others in a positive way?
  • What is the best question someone has asked you?
  • In what ways do you consider yourself generous?
  • What are you really good at?
  • How can people tell that you are happy?
  • What is a source of well-being for you?
  • How are you best motivated?
  • Who do you perceive as being good at making things happen?
  • What characterises a good colleague?
  • Which of your competences do others benefit most from?

Questions Relating to Personal Experiences

  • What is one of the highlights in your career?
  • What would you define as your biggest success until now?
  • What would you define as a small success from today?
  • What challenging goals are you in the process of realising?
  • Which course would you define as the best you have ever attended?
  • When have you last experienced that your cooperation with others have formed a synthesis?
  • What are you often commended on?
  • How did your favourite teacher or mentor support you?
  • What inspires you on a daily basis?
  • What has made you wiser in the last year?
  • In which situations are your abilities shown to full advantage?
  • When do you feel balanced?
  • Which experience from your working life would you define as one of the most positive?
  • Which decision are you happy about making?
  • What new things can you add to your CV that you were unable to a year ago?
  • Which result are you proud to have achieved?
  • When have you last taken a chance that you benefit from taking in the present?
  • When have you last burst into a fit of laughter?
  • What was you first positive impression of your workplace?
  • What has given you a positive surprise recently?
  • What does it take for a challenge to turn you on?
  • What are you in the process of getting better at?
  • What do you often do that makes sense to you?
  • When have you last surpassed your expectations to yourself?
  • In which situations are you particularly committed?
  • When have you had people’s full attention?
  • When have you participated in an extraordinary achievement?
  • Which qualities do you often benefit from possessing?
  • When have you recently taken part in ensuring someone’s well-being?
  • Which qualities do you appreciate in the people around you?
  • Who is particularly good at giving you recognition?
  • What result are you happy to having taken part in achieving?
  • What are you happy to have experienced?
  • How do you take part in inspiring people around you?
  • What do you most enjoy doing and why?
  • What are you particularly absorbed with at the moment?
  • When have you encountered that strength lies in differences?

Questions Relating to Other’s Perception of You

  • In which situations do other’s perceive you as being very inspiring?
  • When do you think others are impressed by you?
  • What qualities would your colleagues miss if you were absent for two months?
  • Which positive characteristics are you known for?

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