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Dialoogle partner FirmaPlus

Consultant Hans Ussing - Denmark

At FirmaPlus we use Dialoogle in career planning for job seekers older than 50. We help candidates make themselves more attractive for the job market and we contact companies where they want to work. Over 50% of the candidates we work with get a job afterward.

Dialoogle partner Moving You

Consultant Michael Meinhardt - Denmark

It can be difficult for managers to engage employees. Managers risk that engagement only happens randomly or rarely gets done. We use Dialoogle to help leaders increase employee engagement and motivation. For twenty years we have held motivational courses in all types of companies - big and small. 

 Dialoogle Partner Pernille Stockfleth

Facilitator Pernille Stockfleth - Denmark

When I facilitate Dialoogle, I find the right exercises for your needs and my workshops have a high degree of participation. I also teach others how to use Dialoogle. I focus on "Hands On" experience as well as the theory behind, so participants learn what a powerful tool Dialoogle is and how they can use it. 
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