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Target Group
Young children

Connect with each other

This exercise is not just great with kids! It can be used in all kinds of settings where people want to get to know each other better – as family, friends or co-workers.

When you have played the picture game several times, you can challenge the children with more advanced exercises. Try to sense when they may be open to this. When all the children have talked about three picture cards, you can ask them to create their own bedtime story from those three cards. When a child has talked about one of their cards, the role as narrator passes to the next one. You can add something to the stories by drawing a “joker card” from the floor.

Category: Organisation Coaching Association Type: Icebreaker Bullying Conversation Cooperation Development Well-being Mindfullness Creative Processes Change Quantity: Fewer than 30 Key words: family, connection, presence SKU: 500129
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Double Set

Choose your combination of a Magnum Set and a Pocket Set. 2x60 picture cards (large and small size).


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