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Target Group
Leaders and Managers

Workout for corporate culture

This exercise uses employees’ stories about positive experiences to help facilitate a positive corporate culture.

If you want to dig even deeper, you may ask the participants to place their cards back on the floor. This time ask them to chose an image that symbolises how they would like to contribute to a positive corporate culture in the future. Once again, ask the participants to form small groups of four to seven and discuss the suggestions and ideas based on the chosen images. Next, tell the participants to form new groups and tell each other about their suggestions and ideas. Finally, place all the selected images in a row and ask the participants to stand next to the image that represents the best suggestion. The most popular picture cards can be displayed at the office to symbolise a positive corporate culture.

Category: Organisation Company Type: Icebreaker Cooperation Development Well-being Quantity: Fewer than 30 More than 30 100+ Key words: working environment SKU: 500065
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Double Set

Choose your combination of a Magnum Set and a Pocket Set. 2x60 picture cards (large and small size).


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