Wheel of Life coaching – Individual coaching in groups

This exercise works well when coaching in groups but also in one-on-one sessions.

The exercise makes use of the popular Wheel of Life coaching tool that ranks a person’s level of satisfaction in various life areas. You will need lots of space.

  1. Ask all participants to complete the Wheel of Life coaching template in all the aspects of life you are focusing on. Give them ample time to work individually. They put their pen down on the table when they have finished.
  2. Lay out a set of Magnum cards on the floor – and a 10m rope a little away from the cards. This part of the exercise may well take place outside.
  3. Ask the participants to pick a card that represents the area they find most challenging. Again, give them ample time to find their card.
  4. When all participants are ready, you explain to them that the rope symbolises a satisfaction scale from 0 to 10. Now they must position themselves on the rope where they feel they are right now in relation to the Wheel of Life area they have chosen.
  5. With their cards in their hands, the participants tell each other about themselves. If you have them talk in random succession, you will obtain maximum concentration in the group.
  6. When everybody has had a chance to talk, they must go and choose a second picture card that represents what it would be like for them to move two places up the rope.
  7. Then they return to the rope and position themselves on the same spot where they were standing previously. Now everybody has two minutes to describe how it would be to move up two places on the satisfaction scale.
  8. Ask them to place their picture on the desired spot on the rope. Then it is time to work individually again.
  9. Give the participants enough time to develop their own personal action plan for how they will succeed in moving up the rope to their picture. They can go and study their card on the rope anytime they feel like it. They must answer the following questions:
    a. What is going to happen?
    b. Who should be involved?
    c. When will things have to take place?
    d. Why – what results to expect?
  10. When they have written down the answers to these questions, they will have their own personal action plan. If you have the time, ask the group to place themselves on the rope where their desired target cards are – and allow everybody to briefly describe how they feel about their plan.
  11. In conclusion, you can allow everybody to keep their picture card for inspiration and motivation. This will also help them remember the wheel of Life coaching session.

Remember that the Wheel of Life coaching tool easily can be adjusted with areas relevant to the group.



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