Train advisers to ask the right questions

Doctors or therapists, counsellors or coaches. With Dialoogle, advisers of all sorts can improve their capability to ask the right questions and understand their patients or clients in a broader perspective.

  1. This exercise is short and applicable to groups of all sizes within the same profession.

  2. Spread a set of Magnum cards in front of the group.

  3. Without introducing the cards, ask all participants to find one image each that says something about a challenge they have met in relation to communicating with their patients or clients about a sensitive issue. This could be breaking bad news to a patient or trying to uncover underlying causes of physical symptoms or certain behaviour.
  4. When a participant has told the group about his challenge, you will use your professional competence to counsel him on where to focus in the difficult conversation, and the questions he could ask to obtain broader insight and advise his patient or client better.
  5. Based on what they have just heard, ask the other participants to look at their own picture cards and see if they can come up with some ideas as to what they would do in a similar situation.



Innovation is discovering, developing and applying new ideas in known workflows and processes. Give innovation a boost with images.



90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources. Images start thought tracks in the brain. If they cross each other in new combinations, new ideas emerge.



Creativity unfolds when we use imagery and try to combine different and seemingly independent motifs with each other.