The confirmand’s personal values and the 10 Commandments

When young people choose to be confirmed in the church, they each have a set of individual and common values. Discover how these correspond with the message of the 10 commandments through this exercise.

Lay out the Dialoogle Magnum cards on the floor.

  1. Ask all participants to choose an image that represents one of their most important values: something that is important to them, something they would like to be known for. You may discuss what such a value might be while the confirmands are walking around taking a look at the picture cards.
  2. Ask the confirmands to form groups of three and present their image briefly to the other group members. The groups must consist of both boys and girls. Questions and comments are not allowed during these presentations.
  3. One person from each group presents what has been discussed in their group to the rest of the confirmands.
  4. The other confirmands can comment and ask questions once all groups have presented their chosen images. You may initiate the discussion by asking questions about the more abstract presentations: “You say you stand up for your friends. Can you elaborate on what it means to stand up for your friends? Can you give an example?”, “You want to fight injustice. Try to explain how you will do that in practice?”, “You would like to be a winner. How can you become a more gracious winner and a better loser?” etc.
  5. When all participants have had the opportunity to comment and ask questions, ask them to bring their cards and have them move to a different location, e.g. another corner, room or out into the courtyard. Ask the confirmands to place their picture cards so you can all look at them as a whole: the combined values of the group.
  6. Ask about the combined values of the class, e.g. “How many of these values are reflected in the 10 Commandments?”. Ask the confirmands to group the images depending on which commandments they relate to. Any images representing values that are not related to the 10 Commandments are placed in a separate pile.
  7. Discuss why most values are related to the 10 Commandments. Is that surprising? Why? Or why not?
  8. Conclude by discussing why it is important to become aware of your personal values and why it is important to express your values constructively in everyday life.

Allow plenty of time for the exercise.



Innovation is discovering, developing and applying new ideas in known workflows and processes. Give innovation a boost with images.



90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources. Images start thought tracks in the brain. If they cross each other in new combinations, new ideas emerge.



Creativity unfolds when we use imagery and try to combine different and seemingly independent motifs with each other.