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Well-being and cooperation exercises

E-booklet (PDF): Contains 10 exercises

Well-being and cooperation exercises


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Differences create opportunities, but poor communication and misunderstandings set limitations. Good communication is essential to ensure well-being and cooperation. There are countless designations for types of employees and managers. Results-oriented, consensus-seeking, generation Y, introvert, extrovert, egoist, thinker, spontaneous or passive/aggressive. But common to almost all of us is that we think visually and create images in the brain of what we hear.

E-booklet 10 exercises that come around:

  • An easy start
  • A boost to job satisfaction surveys
  • Teambuilding – learning from the past
  • Get all the team strengths in play
  • Active listening – become a good listener
  • Discussing the working environment
  • Creating consensus
  • Working together in a better way
  • Coaching – personal conversation
  • A road to a better understanding
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