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Visual Talking inspiration

21 exercises in e-booklet (PDF)

Visual Talking inspiration


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Pictures encourage communication and linguistic diversity. Words seem to come out of the blue like gifts, and stories seem to tell themselves. With the support of pictures, communication will flow more smoothly and become more memorable.

This booklet will give you 21 ways to use Dialoogle, and you can find many more at ­Users are encouraged to develop their own ways of utilising this creative communication tool to suit their specific needs

The e-booklet contains 21 exercises:

  • Facilitating difficult conversations  |  The Parent/Student/Teacher Conference
  • Developing leadership skills  |  The Career Development
  • Inspiring winner mentality  |  Preparing an Athlete for Competition
  • Coaching  |  The Compass
  • Focused conversation  |  Value Guide to Performance Reviews
  • Let loose and improvise  |  Drama Class
  • Icebreaker  |  Off to a Good Start
  • Storytelling  |  Story Relay
  • Brainstorming  |  New Ideas for a Better Social Climate
  • Team building  |  Learning from the Past
  • Creative thinking  |  Back to the Future
  • Language training  |  Why Learn a Foreign Language
  • Creating moods  |  Music and Singing
  • Active listening  |  Become a Good Listener
  • Finding common ground  |  A Good Working Environment
  • Showing appreciation  |  Thank You for Your Contribution
  • Creating consensus  |  What Do We Have in Common
  • Evaluation  |  What Was the Outcome
  • A road to better understanding  |  Cultural Integration
  • Making friends  |  Anti Bullying
  • Conducting interviews  |  The Job Interview


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