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All Magnum SetsSAVE 21%

420 picture cards
7 Magnum Sets (19x19cm)
21 exercises in an eBook (PDF)

All Magnum SetsSAVE 21%

All Magnum Sets
Picture cards overview edition 08
1 × Magnum Edition 08

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Picture cards overview edition 09
1 × Magnum Edition 09

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Picture cards overview edition 10
1 × Magnum Edition 10

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Picture cards overview edition 11
1 × Magnum Edition 11

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Picture cards overview edition 12
1 × Magnum Edition 12

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SAVE 21%


Save 21% and get all Dialoogle pictures in Magnum size. 420 picture cards in total – it gives you more choice. The sets can be used individually, shared among several employees or they can be combined for larger events. Limited only by imagination.

A Magnum Set consists of 60 picture cards sized 19 x 19 cm. The Magnum size cards are well suited for laying on the floor when you work with large groups. They are also ideal in one-on-one conversations where you want people to be on their feet and in motion. If you use a Magnum card in combination with a Pocket card, it can create new visual reflections in the search for images. Pocket cards can also be attached to a Magnum card to elaborate on thoughts, add ideas and the like.

Edition series can be used for all purposes. The only difference between the series is the images, all of which are selected according to the same principles for the composition of an Edition. All series are unique and no images are used in more than one Edition. You can choose the Editions you like best. However, you can never expect the pictures to speak to others in the same way that they speak to you. When participants have to select image cards in response to a question, there are two approaches. Either they know what their answer is going to be, and consequently, they reflect in their search for a suitable image – or they are stimulated to find their way to an answer in their search for images. Using the images creatively and metaphorically will motivate reflection and imagination. Thus, the images can produce more nuanced and well-considered answers. Speakers and listeners will have a common visual reference, which will strengthen mutual understanding among the participants. If you want the images to be able to provide answers in a concrete way, then you can select suitable picture cards from several Editions for that purpose.

The Faces series has been developed and tested in mentalisation processes with both adults and children. This image series is suitable for clarifying, communicating, interpreting and understanding empathy and feelings – needs and desires – language and behaviour. Faces can be used in conversations and creative processes but also for conflict resolution and for dealing with stress and anxiety.

All the cards are made of strong laminated cardboard. If stained, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The boxes are of good quality and equipped for a bit of everything.

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