Prepare an online meeting

This is how you prepare a conversation and send a meeting invitation with an access link to one or more participants.

1. Click the red text block at the top: “Prepare session”.

Prepare session


2. Give your meeting or conversation a name.

3. If you have prepared a number of questions in a template, or if you want to use a standard template, you can attach it to the session under the “Select template” menu.

4. Select the Edition you want to use in this particular session.

5. Save the conversation by clicking “Save Session”.

Start conversation


6. Under “Sessions” in the menu to the left, you will  find the conversation you have prepared. Click the red icon under INVITE.

Invite participants


7. Click “Copy Session Invitation”. And send the invitation to the participant(s) by chat or email .

Copy Session Invitation


8. Choose “Sessions” in the left menu, and click the green icon under START when the conversation is about to begin. All participants log on. You connect sound via phone, chat or a video connection.

Start a conversation


If a participant cannot find the link, you can resend it. When you have started the conversation, click on “Invite now”, copy the Session Invitation and resend it to the participant.

Start my screen or invite



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