Policies in the workplace

Examine the guidelines for working environment, further training, equal opportunity, etc., in the workplace.

  1. Reflect on the following questions:
    • Does your company have a working environment policy?
    • How does the working environment policy influence the individual employee? How does the policy influence the company?
    • Do the company apply the working environment policy actively on a daily basis?
  2. Select an employee in your company at random.
  3. Lay out ten randomly chosen Dialoogle Pocket cards in front of the employee.
  4. Ask the employee to choose three cards that reflect the effect of the working environment policy in the past year.
  5. Ask the employee to present their choices.
  6. Ask the employee to choose a card that symbolises what has made them more satisfied with their job in the past year.
  7. Speak to several employees in the company to ensure that you get an adequate impression of whether the working environment policy is working in favour of the company and whether it is successful in making skilful employees stay longer in their jobs.

This exercise can be used to examine many different guidelines and policies in the workplace, e.g. policies concerning bullying, social media, alcohol and drugs, further training, equal opportunities, violence and threats.



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