Listening exercise for beginners

This listening exercise is suitable in early language acquisition when the students are still at a very low level.

  1. Place 20 Magnum Cards on the floor.
  2. Present the rules of the listening exercise to the students:
    a. The facilitator (you) starts to talk about one of the 20 cards in the foreign language.
    b. The students listen and when one of them has figured out which card you are talking about, they run in and grab it.
    c. If the student is correct, everyone applauds.
    d. If the card is incorrect, everyone shouts in unison: ”Try again” in the language they are learning.
  3. Then you can start speaking about one of the cards. Avoid looking at the card while you are talking about it – this will be difficult.
  4. When a student has guessed which card you are talking about, you place a new card so there are 20 cards on the floor at all times.
  5. The listening exercise continues as long as the students are concentrated and think the game is fun.

You can also let the participants compete and get a point for each correct picture card. If they choose the wrong one, they can get a penalty point or ”get benched” in the next round. The exercise can also be used with small children, e.g. in the kindergarten, where you can talk about forms, colours, sounds, etc. In this case, you can talk your native language, of course.



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