Gain valuable strategic insights with pictures

Marie Bamberger is a professional interviewer at Kantar Gallup

”Dialoogle cards have an important social function in groups where people do not know each other. The atmosphere gets informal when people are crawling around the floor to find the best card. Everybody feels equal, and the fear of ‘wrong answers’ disappears.”

– Marie Bamberger, professional interviewer, Kantar Gallup.

The challenge

If you want to develop and pursue a spot-on strategy to achieve your targets, it is vital to understand what your audiences think about your brand, your organisation or a particular situation that your product or service relates to.

Marie Bamberger is a professional interviewer. In focus groups she uses Dialoogle to analyse target groups and obtain valuable strategic insights for Kantar Gallup clients. – This is what she told us:


My method

With an upcoming general election the purpose of this focus group was to provide a political party with new voter insights and in-depth answers to these questions:

  • Where are we strong?
  • What should we emphasize?
  • Where do other parties have an advantage over us?
  • How can we become more attractive to voters?

To keep a tight focus on the topic, I used the simplest exercise of all:

  • Pick the card that best illustrates what this party stands for.

I meticulously worked my way into the thoughts behind every single card with loads of exploratory questions.

I registered how the group reacted to each other’s cards, opinions and beliefs. To determine whether we were discussing shared feelings or unique personal perceptions, I asked the participants individually what they thought about the opinions expressed by the others.



Before clients approve my discussion guides, they can be a bit skeptical of its creative nature. It is not easy to predict which issues will actually come up in the focus group. But when we present the Dialoogle driven results, they are surprised by the degree of detail and clarity of expression that we have achieved. – In this case, the political party in question was thrilled to receive a lot of specified information that allowed them to fine-tune their election strategy.

The motifs are so simple that they simply make it necessary to consider, think about and associate.



90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources. Images start thought tracks in the brain. If they cross each other in new combinations, new ideas emerge.



Dialoogle picture cards can make it easier to empathise with others and understand their feelings.



With Dialoogle picture cards we can identify and describe our motivation. With the right motivation, we can achieve almost anything.