Determining a great leader

The ability to see the big picture is an important part of being a great leader. This exercise let you try Dr Greenaway’s method for determining a person’s ability to see the bigger picture.

  1. Spread out a Magnum Set on the floor.
  2. Ask the focus person to choose 5 cards, from which they can talk about a work challenge that they have successfully overcome.
  3. Ask the focus person to experiment with their story by shuffling the cards and telling the story in a different way.
  4. As the facilitator, you can help by asking support questions, such as:

    • Could one of the pictures be more important than the rest?

    • Could some of the pictures be covering others?

    • Maybe one of the pictures is just on the verge of your conscious? 

    • Maybe you can place one of the pictures further away or facing downwards?

    • Could some of the pictures be grouped together?

    • Could some of the pictures be moving?

    • Could some of the pictures be connected with each other in different places?

This method can be used one-to-one and in groups.



Innovation is discovering, developing and applying new ideas in known workflows and processes. Give innovation a boost with images.



90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources. Images start thought tracks in the brain. If they cross each other in new combinations, new ideas emerge.



Creativity unfolds when we use imagery and try to combine different and seemingly independent motifs with each other.