Closing a meeting with a simple process booster

A focused and inspiring closing of a process is vital for the participants as well as the facilitator.

  1. Spread one or more decks of Magnum cards on the floor before people enter the room.
  2. As people arrive, ask them to walk around the room and look at the picture cards on the floor.
  3. When everybody has arrived, ask people to pick a card to illustrate their most important learning of the day; what they are most excited about in the future they are facing together; or how they personally intend to follow up on the results of the day. Again, you may choose any question that you think will close the meeting on a constructive note.
  4. When people have picked their cards, they take turns presenting their cards to the group.

This closing exercise works best when people present their cards to the entire group, but if the group is very large you can split up into 2 or three groups.



Innovation is discovering, developing and applying new ideas in known workflows and processes. Give innovation a boost with images.



90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources. Images start thought tracks in the brain. If they cross each other in new combinations, new ideas emerge.



Creativity unfolds when we use imagery and try to combine different and seemingly independent motifs with each other.