Access the hidden creativity

This exercise will help you increase creativity and innovation in groups.

  1. You need one set of Magnum cards per 10 participants.
  2. Without explaining or introducing, you spread out the Magnum cards in front of the group.
  3. Ask the participants to choose a picture card each that speaks to them in some way.
  4. When everyone has chosen a card, you ask them to stand in a horseshoe formation. You place yourself at one end of the row and ask the first participant at the other end to begin telling a story. The subject of the story must not be related to the task that the group is trying to solve. You can begin by saying something like this to the person who is starting: “Please begin telling a made-up story inspired by your card about a situation where you felt you were under intense pressure.”
  5. When the first participant has spoken for about a minute and is well into their story, you stop them and thank them. The next person in line continues the story inspired by their chosen card. It is important that they continue the same story and that no one begins telling a new story.
  6. The storytelling will continue until every participant has contributed to the story. This way all the participants are inspired to think creatively and has opened up to one another. Now you can begin a brainstorming session about the task at hand.

If someone has trouble getting into the story, you can help them by telling them to turn their card upside down and asking them if there are any specific detail in the picture that can inspire them. You can also try and cover some of the picture with your hand.



Innovation is discovering, developing and applying new ideas in known workflows and processes. Give innovation a boost with images.



90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources. Images start thought tracks in the brain. If they cross each other in new combinations, new ideas emerge.



Creativity unfolds when we use imagery and try to combine different and seemingly independent motifs with each other.