»A picture is worth a thousand words«

This old proverb is the essence of Dialoogle picture cards. We have created this creative tool to stimulate the visualisation that takes place in the brain when we think, listen, speak and read. Take this sentence: “When I reached the top of the hill, I saw the sun set into the dark sea while 12 swans floated gracefully on the shallow waters of the coast.” No doubt, you will have a clear picture in your brain. But the picture will differ from one person to the next. This is where one of the strengths of Dialoogle comes in. By using picture cards as a reference in your story, you can externalise the images in your brain and create a common frame of reference. This is what we call Visual Talking.

Dialoogle is a unique tool to kick-start, renew, diversify and qualify communication between two people and in groups. The images are created and carefully selected to stimulate associations, inspire creativity, and facilitate a versatile linguistic formulation of feelings, perceptions, and ideas. Apart from being great fun, image-based communication flows more freely and enhances the value and outcome for you and all participants. Dialoogle always creates amazing results.

This tool is used by teachers, professional therapists, psychologists, business leaders, coaches, HR professionals, management consultants and many others in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Dialoogle works for everybody striving to improve the quality of communication – one-on-one or in groups – in any context.

Click on the pictures below and see what the images have meant to people.