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Watermark will disappear when the card is downloaded as a JPEG file

ID: #27 Edition 09 | © Dialoogle®

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400x400 pixels 14x14 cm / 72 ppi

The digital picture cards are available for download in 400x400 pixels (JPEG format). You can add a personal text before downloading the picture card. The text is added under the picture to the left.

Use Dialoogle digital picture cards to maintain your motivation, a goal, an idea, a vision, a mission, the story or the action plan - the only limit is your imagination! 
The digital picture cards can also serve as a screensaver on your computer or mobile phone. They can be used in slideshows, reports or in other descriptions or documentation.

The Dialoogle digital picture cards can be downloaded in unlimited quantity and used free of charge for your own purposes. If companies, educational institutions or organisations wish to make the digital picture cards available to others either internally or externally, please contact Dialoogle for an extended agreement.


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