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Create energy and motivation to strengthen your business
When Ida Jørgensen came to Vilvorde Conference Hotel a couple of years ago, she became the head of a team with a mix of old and new managers. She used Dialoogle to create team spirit, motivation and energy.

Create energy and motivation to strengthen your business

“We don´t know exactly why – but we have just had such a good time here.”

Managers and employees at Vilvorde Conference Hotel in Denmark often get this feedback from their guests. They follow a shared set of values with a focus on the quality of the environment, health, sustainability and ecology everyday in their work to pamper the guests at the centre. And they are very successful, judging from the guests’ evaluations. Managing director, Ida Jørgensen, explains why: “If you feel good yourself, it is easier to give others the same experience. When the managers in a company feel confident about the overall objectives and are allowed to contribute in their own way, the daily operation runs more smoothly – and then there will be room and energy for that special something that makes a difference and sets us apart.”

When Ida Jørgensen came to Vilvorde Conference Hotel a couple of years ago, she became the head of a management team, of which half had been with the company for several decades, while the other half were newcomers. The “old” managers were not used to being involved in the overall decisions, and the “new” ones naturally asked a lot of questions about many of the old routines. “So, I had to shake things up in order for us to have a fresh start together,” Ida Jørgensen explains. For that purpose, she used Dialoogle.

“I asked the managers to choose three cards expressing how they felt about themselves as a person, as a manager and about the company respectively. Then we looked at how the three cards were linked and how they matched the values that Vilvorde stands for. This enabled us to spot the problems and challenges – and have them resolved,” Ida Jørgensen tells us. “We created the energy and motivation needed to show extra care for our guests – and also to ourselves. When you are feeling good, you can also do something good for others.”

“When I pulled out the cards at the management meeting, some undoubtedly thought: What is going on? Afterwards, however, the reactions were very positive. The managers found it incredible what the pictures had unearthed. They were relieved and happy, especially to experience what they each meant to other members of the management team and how we can each help one another.

“Essentially, our company is an expression of how we are as managers and humans. The picture cards were a facilitator for us to discover essential attitudes and feelings. It wowed the management team who discovered that it is both healthy and constructive to put personal strengths, weaknesses, attitudes and opinions into both words and pictures. The managers now use Dialoogle themselves in interviews with their employees. Likewise, Dialoogle can be found as a permanent process tool for facilitators in all meeting rooms in the conference centre.

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